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A pushed-up story: Ilford HP5 ISO400 film, shot at EI6400 #001

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A quick slide story: Washi X ISO400 film, dev E6 #001

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An experimental BW story: Kodak T-Max 400 shot at EI 3200 #001 (with coffee)


1. Les briques de Porto — Welcome to my latest film story! I did the experiment of shooting a 400 ISO black & white film like it would be rated 3200 ISO, which is technically 3 stops of difference. To be understood by everyone: I let light reach the film for 3 times less than it should be. Then, my lab compensate that by letting the chemicals developing the negatives for a longer time. It is simple in my head but a bit complicated to explain! haha — Anyway, it allows shooting with high speeds in a lot of situations. That way, photos are less blurry, and you can shoot in darkness… but this, was on paper. Check the rest!

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