Amours, instants, passions, thoughts & vibrations; fidelity version

A roll story: Agfa APX 100 #001


1. Here is Alexander. He’s the first roommate I had to share in my flat on my first contract, working at Disneyland Paris. A really nice man coming from Ireland! Incredibly able to cross all the local region of Paris more than once a week (a lot of transport in fact). He broke my phone battery but I still like him though. Haha!



2. Some of my vinyl collection. Typically an analog shot of something totally analog as well. Do you like vinyl records?



3. Don’t ask why I decided to take a photograph of McDonald’s food packages. Maybe I like them? I’ve never hated them anyway. I am a junk food addict. On the other side, I don’t consume alcohol of cigarettes. I just like the taste of their, yet simple, cheeseburger. When their food is correctly cooked and served fresh, I always enjoy my time in McDonald’s.



4. This is my friend, Nicolas. Always there to follow me on my photographying sessions. He is a disc jockey and music producer. Check his work here.



5. Forget about you were doing. Leave your house, your work, buy a tractor and let’s go travel the World! But please, don’t be in a hurry. That one doesn’t even have wheels!



6. “Look at, look at me.”



7. Un petit bisou ?



8. Is this a thing? That humans do? Then they are in a fear of a photograph, but in the same won’t refuse to be photographed? They seem to hide a part of their face, most often the mouth and nose. Am I right? Anyway, that’s my friend Paulina, a Polish girl who arrived in France 9 years ago.



9. “Je peux te toucher le bouc, Yann ?”



10. AND I proudly present to you: The Lucky Nugget Saloon. This is the restaurant I worked three times, and in a total of 6 months, at Disneyland Paris… The shot does not give justice to the place, firstly because it’s a black & white one, and secondly because it’s hard to capture all the place in a single shot, without any tripod. The restaurant is wonderful to my eyes. Maybe the most impressive restaurant of the park. But that’s up to me, go check it yourself! :)



11. Disneyland, Adventureland. That Jeep would be better than the tractor to make a great road trip in Africa.



12. Disney Studios, The Hollywood Tower Hotel. I managed to snap a photo without any single human present in here. I had to do it fast, and the shot concludes the roll.

Camera: Minolta Dynax 500si & Sigma 28-80mm AF lens
Film: Agfa APX 100ISO #001 — development courtesy by

Story of the roll: My first black & white 35mm film. As the CT Precisa slide film coming from the same brand, that film is cheap as well and it offers pretty nice photographs, too! I wasn’t expecting anything special, because I was still on the beginning of my experimentations at that time. It appears to be a flexible film, usable in a lot of situations. It will still requires a good lighting as it’s a 100ISO film. Go grab some!

Models: 1. Alexander, 4 Nicolas (aka. Monorama), 5. Maxime (aka. Max Netwalker), 6. Shiwa, 7. Paulina & Shiwa, 8. Paulina, 9. Yann
France, from Marne-la-Vallée (Disneyland Paris) to Bordeaux, back to Marne-la-Vallée again
winter 2014/2015