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A [long] Kodak story: Kodak Tri-X 400 #001 + Kodak Ektar 100 #001 + Kodak EliteChrome 100 #001


1. Hello, world! Are you eyes ready for some Kodak photographs? Because I decided to include shots coming from three different rolls in a same post. Now, looking at this photo, I would change my question to: “Are you hungry enough for photography?”, what do you think? Let’s take a ride! :)


235320030003 235320030005

2. 3. We start our journey inside Père-Lachaise’s cemetery. What’s “funny” on the first photo I took, is that the word “ham” means “jambon” in French, but if you pronounce it with your mouth full, you would rather say “Chambon”. And if you look who’s next to “Chambon’s family”? Oh, it’s “Bacon’s family”! Are you kidding me? :)

What I liked on the grave of the second photo is the text that says:

“To born, to die, be born again, once more,
And progress unceasingly,
Such is the law.”

Allan Kardec



4. Downstairs



5. A small wink to photography. You can see a QR code on the wall. Unfortunately, I forgot to follow it.



6. “Alain Baschung, il s’drogue ? Bon, c’est du rock !” Eddy Le Quartier



7. Danny Trejo, someone?



8. 9. Took a photograph in the perfect timing! Right after I shot, the keyboard guy just thumbed me up :D



10. Entering in a place that’s not common to you for the first time, it never leaves you empty, right?



11. A view in billions ones



12. To me, this is the perfect photograph to represent a tourist in action. What do you say? Am I a tourist as well? Noooo, I can’t be! Yes? Damn it! This is pure inception. “Ride the tide”



13. I like train stations, from outside to inside, Every one is different. My last sentence is obvious. Do you?



14. Frozen time style fountain



15. Everybody’s getting in the blue bus!



16. 17. Glad to see you again, Impossible Project Space of Paris! Time to buy some instant film for my Polaroid cameras… We are leaving Kodak Tri-X 400 for Kodak Ektar 100! Welcome in a lovely shop with a butcher fridge, a record turntable for nice music… and film. Yes, film! Did you say “analog”? The guy was pretty nice, I had to take a photograph of him. Isn’t he cute? :)



18. Photography of some Paris’ streets. The place on my right is called Devialet. They sell some very high-end (and expensive) amplifiers and sound systems. Check them on!



19. The most beautiful and elegant front yard of Serris.



20. Disneyland Paris, and the Hollywood Tower of Terror from far behind.



21. “Back in the lab! Without a mic to grab…”



22. Leaving my flat for a little adventure. I enjoyed some wilderness and architecture.



23. 24. I’ve always been fascinated by architecture styles. Are you?



25. The vanishing point of a railroad


235320260024 235320260026 235320260027 235320260030

26. 27. 28. 29. Parc naturel du Pâtis


235320260032 235320260033

30. 31. Inside and outside the Hollywood Tower Hotel (of Terror), in Disney Studios park, with my friend Inès :)



32. Taking the road, crossing countries, this is the way I want to live. We can always love a place more than the rest of the World, but there’s too much too see in a life, so why wait? My friend Max has left France to join his girlfriend in New Zeland, which is on the opposite side of our Planet Earth. And I’m proud of him. <3



33. New place, new film roll! We now swapped for Kodak Elite Chrome. The film was expired six years before I started shooting it. Welcome in Versailles.



34. L’allée des arbres spirituels



35. I visited the place with my family and tried to take photos while we all were walking. My camera was set on panorama mode here. The space used on the film isn’t wider, it just adds some dark slides to the top and bottom. Not that great though.



36. This is my aunt, Sylvie! :) I was aiming my camera to the fountain and she decided to take place just in front of camera. I couldn’t except a better and more natural looking photo! :D



37. I present to you the “selfie” generation. Not a fan at all…



38. I’m not very into sculptures and carving. But I’m impressed by how much work it requires and how patient such artists are.



39. For a piece of Gold



40. Tic & Tac (Chip & Dale for non-French people :p)



41. … and the Cherry Tree. Woo-hoo!



42. I don’t know why I’m fine with the frame here. What do you think of it? Maybe its sharpness seems good to my eye.



43. Double trees, like if they were two hearts beating and growing together?



44. Can somebody help me to recognise this flower? Thank you :)



45. PEAS: protéger, examiner, alerter, secourir



46. And this one, too? I think I should be using my 70-300m lens more often; and to focus on small things.



47. Can you believe how vivid the colours of this expired slide film can be? I want more! Why did you have to kill this film, Kodak?!?



48. Poppy on and off



49. Stratocaster’s brothers, Red & Blue !



50. Best mobile music companion ever. I present to you, the Apple iPod Video 5th Gen music player.

Cameras: Minolta Dynax 500si & Minolta Dynax 500si Super
Sigma 28-80mm & Sigma 70-300mm AF
Film 1: Kodak T-Max 400 #001
Film 2: Kodak Ektar 100 #001 — development courtesy by
Film 3: Kodak Elite Chrome 100 #001 (expired 06/2009)

Why Kodak film? I love Kodak film. I really do. There is a lot of film photography brands. But I do believe my favourites are Kodak and Polaroid. They both represent the birth of two unique experiences offered to the World’s population in terms of photography and instant photography. We cannot deny that. The feel in Kodak photographs is way more powerful to me than the feel of any other brand. It’s hard to entirely describe my excitment of shooting Kodak here and now. I will try to tell more the next time I’ll be posting about Kodak photography. I shot the three rolls in a row. Hope you liked the whole thing! :)

Places: France, Ile-de-France, Versailles, Serris, Paris, Meaux, Marne-la-Vallée, Esbly, Chessy.
spring & summer 2015