Let’s burn more film! Shall we?

Film: brand new NEW Kodak Ektachrome 100 — E6 processing & scanning courtesy of OldSchoolPhotoLab.com

I’m kind of disappointed about this film, because I think I had high expectations on this new, rebooted Kodak Ektachrome. Colours are rated muted for my taste of slide film, and even the expired Kodak VS Ektachrome roll that I did shoot earlier had more saturation. Colour temperature is on the cold side, which isn’t what I was used to with Kodak. And last but not least, the overall exposure latitude is rather narrow. It’s not HORRIBLE but far from my taste. And at that price, I would rather shoot a film I am content with. But now that the AGFA CT Precisa 100 film is gone, I guess my choices for slide film are very limitated, which is truly unfortunate. Film is back, yes, but slides are not being given the love I hoped for. Nevermind! The adventure goes on.

Places: Saint-Damien & Montréal, Québec, Canada
summer 2019