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An instant story: Impossible PX680 Silver Shade Cool, 600 BW, 600 BW Gen 2.0 [2013-2015]


1. Zombie Escape at festival Aniamasia 2013. This is my first Impossible photograph ever, using the old Impossible B&W film for 600 cameras, mostly known as “PX 680 Silver Shade Cool”. I bought two boxes of that film, which was on sale because it was expired, and also because their new product line has started to be designed. I totally did not know what I was dealing with, but I sure was trusting the Impossible Project about their product. Anyway, without them, they wouldn’t be any instant film left for the classic Polaroid cameras, right? Then, we just have to accept and enjoy their products, as there is no other choice! And I’m okay with that, yes. :]

Camera: Polaroid 636 Talking Camera
Film: Impossible PX680 Silver Shade Cool (expired)
Year: 2013
Info: unshielded, flash fired

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