« I can’t pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend » — Kodak Ektachrome Vivid Saturation ISO100 film, #001

More than three years ago, I updated this blog one last time… I then did let it rust. Several reasons were involved: lack of passion, time, personal life events, money shortage that resulted in myself only paying for my film rolls to be developed but not scanned (most of them were slide photos and I have a projector to enjoy them, so!). But yesterday, an event changed all that. My rotten blog was hacked! Yes, for real. I spent my night to “clean the mess”, and thankfully, I had auto-backups made by hosting company. The content was untouched, so I just had to reinstall the motor (WordPress) and set everything up-to-date. I edited a new theme to my taste, and here I am uploading the last film that I got developed and scanned by the team at Old School Photo Lab / Photosmith in Dover, NH, in the United States of America. The best rats for your film photographts. Whoops. Enjoy!

Welcome to York…

And a nice (unperfect) symmetry shot

I love bricks. Like a lot. Like A LOT.

York’s train station.

Did I mention I got really lucky with the weather?

The fact that you can walk around the city on the fortified walls is a nice touch.

Let’s enter the Museum’s Gardens… and let the photographs speak for themselves.

Also that Kodak slide film was expired… But folks, did it deliver some real Vivid Saturation!!

Here’s Ben. A real good friend. Entrepreneur. Father of 4. Never dreaming or inactive. That photo says it all to me. I hope to make more music with him, cause he sure has got the envy!

And this is Christophe, my best friend’s dad (Maxime). We were on the road to La Rochelle for a fun boat trip during a summer week-end!

But before sailing the seven seas…

… Things require preparation, meticulous preparation.

But when everything fianlly gets ready, it’s time for the fun!

We leave the harbour… Drop the anchor!!

Getting out of here…

And enjoy the Sun & the waves!

Some have bigger boats…

But we’re still “2 fast 4 u”… That’s the actual name of Christophe’s ship!


Film: expired Kodak Ektachrome Vivid Saturation (VS) ISO100 #001 — E6 processing & scanning courtesy by OldSchoolPhotoLab.com

Places: York, England — La Rochelle, France
spring/summer 2018

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